Hardly Strictly Politics – 17 – Yellow Vests worn, baguettes carried–France riots

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Yellow Vests worn, baguettes carried–France riots

In Episode 17 of Hardly Strictly Politics, Luke and Russ discuss the Paris Riots, otherwise known as the Yellow Vest protests which they began covering in Episode 16. Afterward, they discuss the atrocity that is the United Nations Global Migration Pact, and the fact that as the ink is drying, they seek funding for Venezuelan refugees, a country who currently serves as a member of the UN Human Rights council. Afterward, they hit Corrections and Updates just before covering the nightmare that is unfolding at the Clinton Foundation. Finally, they discuss Ocasio-Cortez’s latest gem, Peter Strzok’s boss retiring, and close out with Feedback and one of their best Grab Bag Specials to date, a Munk debate between Steve Bannon and David Frum.

Listen here:

Topcis Covered in order:

  • Paris riots
  • United Nations Migration Pact
  • United Nations seeks refugee funding for Venezuela
  • Corrections
  • Updates
  • Clinton Foundation
  • Ocasio-Cortez
  • Peter Strzok
  • Feedback
  • Grab Bag Special

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