Hardly Strictly Politics – 19 – A Comfy Christmas with HSP

In this episode of HSP, Russ and Luke are joined by Robert and Nate. The topics are varied, beginning with Net Neutrality, a topic Luke and Russ covered in a Deep Dive in Episode 03. They continue on to Mike Flynn, and afterward have a discussion around Trumponomics and the current state of alternatives to USD, such as precious metals and cryptos. This, of course, can’t proceed without a discussion of property rights. A closely related, but derivative subject to property rights is the social media de-platforming of conservatives. Finally, they get into the the state of the left, which includes a discussion of Ocasio-Cortez. Thereafter, updates are due (Spoiler Alert: You can now listen to us on Youtube!). To cap off one of the best episodes of HSP, Robert, Russ, Nate, and Luke discuss the meaning of Christmas, and personal Christmas traditions. Most importantly–IT’S CHRISTMAS.


Topics covered in order:

  • Net Neutrality
  • Mike Flynn
  • Trumponomics
  • Cryptos
  • Property Rights
  • Social Media de-platforming conservatives
  • The State of the left
  • Ocasio-Cortez
  • Updates
  • What is Christmas?
  • What are your Christmas Traditions?

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