Hardly Strictly Politics – 20 – Government Shutdown

Episode 20 of Hardly Strictly Politics is here. This episode features co-hosts Luke and Russ with special guest Robert.

New Years, Pedos, and Morocco

Segment one starts off with some catching up about New Year’s plans. In their on-going quest to get through the gristly, triggering topics at the beginning, they jump straight into the latest developments with pedos within the first 10 minutes. This theme of getting the worst out at the beginning leads into a coverage of the unfortunate indecent in Morocco. As well, Luke discusses his experience in having recently spent two weeks traveling through Morocco.

Ronil Singh, Government Shutdown

Afterward, the two get into the murder of Ronil Singh, a police officer who was shot and killed. This event was particularly controversial because his murderer was an illegal immigrant. It’s at this time that our, thus far, secret guest reveals himself (hint: it’s Robert). This later leads to conversation around the government shutdown and the border wall debate.

Syria and Moral Responsibility

Segment two begins with a discussion of Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria. This piece included some Dear Listener feedback who stands in opposition for our pulling out. Luke, Russ, and Robert have a discussion which includes some commentary on the history of the foreign policy in the middle east, as well as who’s moral responsibility it is to help these people.


Thereafter, they get into a meme which barely slid into the final moments of 2018: Gingersnaps. Luke was going to cover this in the Random Walk – Episode 03, but decided to save it for HSP. It’s amazing how, in today’s age, such individuals are capable of the required cognitive ability to function much in the same way a human being does. In such cases–when NPC’s become sentient–one of them finds their way out of Mom’s basement and has a real-life interaction. It’s then that they actually actually morph into a differentiated meme. Fortunately, when such an event occurs, we have smartphones and the internet.

Grab Bag Special

Finally, after some brief discussion of New Year’s resolutions, they move onto an epic Grab Bag Special. This week’s GBS features Candice Owens’ appearance on Russel Brand’s podcast, Under the Skin.

Content in order:

  • New Years
  • Pedos
  • Morocco
  • Ronil Singh
  • Government Shutdown
  • Syria and moral responsibility
  • Gingersnaps
  • Grab Bag Special




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