Hardly Strictly Politics – 21 – Elizabeth Warren is 1/2020th

Stands With A Beer announced her candidacy for President. She also hates corporations. Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez put forth the bold, new idea that Donald Trump is racist.

Though dishonesty is one of many possible preconditions for being wrong, it leaves little room for coincidence. How predictable today’s left is.

Russ and Luke kick off Episode 21 with a discussion of the Yellow Vest Protests. Specifically, they discuss the odd, celebratory protest that it has become.

After the protests, they discuss Warren’s bill, which she released back in August. The bill is entitled the “Accountable Capitalism Act”. This is a truly atrocious bill, and thus, you’ll be hearing about this from both HSP and Random Walk this week. In a division of labor, HSP will cover the politics, and Random Walk will cover the philosophy.

Other topics include the Budget bill, a confused Pelosi, Democrat infighting, Bernie pre-cucked, an innocent Flynn, and the Hackening.

One topic in particular which needs to be discussed to AOC’s “The Green New Deal”. Let us not equivocate: The Green New Deal is the most anti-human life, anti-wealth, pro-poverty, pro-destruction, pro-misery piece of legislation that has ever been put forth since the actual New Deal, and perhaps the history of the United States. Make no mistake: No industry, no job, no product, no service–no American–by necessity of what The Green New Deal is–will remain unscathed.

After a thorough triggering, they get into a Grab Bag Special: Trump’s Press Conference.

Enjoy, Dear Listener.

Topics covered in order:

  • Elizabeth Warren’s presidency
  • Shutdown for years
  • Budget Bill
  • Pelosi confused
  • Democrat infighting
  • The Green New Deal
  • Bernie Precucked
  • Flynn not guilty
  • The Hackening
  • Trump Press Conference

Listen here:

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