Hardly Strictly Politics – 23 – Gillette Ad, Brexit Crisis, and More

Episode 23 of Hardly Strictly Politics brings you a flurry of topics, almost unanimously bad if you’re on the left side of aisle. Co-hosted by Russ and Luke, the topics are varied, from cultural issues to international politics.

Topic Overview and BOTS

We began the show this week in a slightly different fashion that previous weeks by first going over the list of topics we’ll cover. Additionally, we received a piece of Dear Listener feedback asking us to cover our Bottom of the Stack, or BOTS. These are topics which we don’t normally have a chance to cover due to time. Thus, we’ll include this list in the show so you know what we also didn’t talk about.


We jump straight into covering an update regarding Spygate. If you remember correctly from Hardly Strictly Politics 22, Russ chose to push Spygate off for a week with a prediction that we’d have some changes this week. Indeed, he was correct.

Government Shutdown

This week also brings with it a flurry of updates regarding the government shutdown. As you might already be aware, the United States is in its fifth week of shutdown. With Trump holding hard and fast for the wall, Palosi and Schumer are doing the same with ensuring the US border remains penetrable.

Trump’s Major Announcement

Just and Luke and Russ go for break, the coverage of Trump’s live announcement begins. For this week of HSP, we decided to use the break time to play Trump’s announcement, so you could hear it in full before Russ and Luke give their take. Afterward, we roll straight into some Updates. The most noticeable update is that we will no longer be doing Friday Night Comfy Post. At least, not for the foreseeable future. We have too many other things going on right now, and FNCP just isn’t in the mix for us right now. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t continue in the future, or even do them sporadically.

Buzzfeed Fake News

Ah, yes. Buzzfeed “News”. This absolutely pathetic, piece of garbage of a news rag–which shouldn’t even exist at this point–decided to risk life, limb, and lawsuit as they make fake news headlines. Again. Why at this point anyone entertains this company as being a news source is beyond us here at Zero Gravity Media. Whatever this company claims here moving forward, we can categorically dismiss out of hand unless they bring some proof.


In a bold move of truly Presidential behavior, Trump serves up some Micky D’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut to the National Championship winning College Football team–on silver platters. Yet, somehow the left still managed to get mad about this. Serving an endless supply of delicious fast-food to a bunch of hungry Football players? Unconscionable. In addition to the above, Luke and Russ also discuss some of the racist undertones of the left’s contentions with this.


Here’s a story that never seems to end. It’s amazing how so much time can pass, and politicians still find a way to be so utterly ill-prepared. Indeed, such is the case with Brexit. Through the course of negotiations, May’s futility has been put on full display. With the Labour party wanting to force a referendum, it looks as though a Hard Brexit may be the only way out of the EU.


This week is filled with some great Dear Listener feedback. Part of the feedback is also our exercise from last week. If you don’t remember, last week we gave Dear Listener the opportunity to send us their thoughts on a particular subject. This week, the subject was Sargon of Akkad being kicked off Patreon. While we only had one response, it’s a great response nonetheless. After reading the Dear Listener’s take, Russ and Luke give their takes in response.

Gillette Commercial

Finally, we reach one of the more timely topics of the show, which is the Gillette Ad. It should go without saying that this add is both sexist. But, is this out of the norm? Is this just par for the course in today’s culture? What is masculinity, and why does the left hate it so much? In the final segment of the show, Russ and Luke answer these questions and many more.







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