Syria, Antifa, Spygate, Northam, and More – Hardly Strictly Politics – 25

The crew here at HSP are delighted to bring you episode 25. Luke and Russ get straight into the content in this episode by covering BOTS, or Bottom of the Stack, first. For those unaware, BOTS topics are all the topics which Russ and Luke curate out each week.

Enjoy Episode 25, Dear Listener.


The HSP boys just straight into coverage of Syria. The context here is regarding the contradictory nature of both the neo-left and the neo-right, which the HSP boys have dubbed “The Blob”. In an utterly unsurprising move, The Blob has come out against Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria, and are now actively trying to keep the United States in a perpetual proxy war with Russia. As well, Russ and Luke discuss The Blob’s proposed legislation in their attempt to block Trump.


In addition to the legislation being passed, Chuck Schumer is actively trying to influence employees in the Executive Branch of the government to oppose Trump. Being that Schumer isn’t in the Executive Branch, and with Trump’s political foes coming from all directions, Russ and Luke discuss the possibility of this being a coup.


As well, Russ continues Segment 3 with updates and news about Spygate. Not only did the FBI spy on the 2016 Trump campaign, private opposition research firm FusionGPS illegally spied on the entire Trump family. Nellie Ohr confesses to the House Judicial Committee in sworn testimony. Leaked transcripts reveal all.


At last, (some) justice has been served. Antifa, a subject near and dear to our hearts here at HSP, ran into some problems this week. You may be familiar with Antifa, and if you aren’t, you should be. Antifa is a group of violent nihilists who hate the United States for being what it is. While they do exhibit nihilistic behavior, they don’t in fact lack an ideology. One could best describe them as being violent Marxist revolutionaries. Russ and Luke discuss the recent arrests, as well as a brief discussion of the philosophical under-pinnings of Antifa.

Obama Funded Media?

After finishing Updates and Corrections, Russ and Luke go on to explore some new developments in the media-sphere. In 2017, Obama signed off on some funding which would give $160 million in funding to “counter disinformation”. It happens to be the case that this funding expired at the very same time that these lay-offs occurred. Was this bill, signed under Obama, fueling the media industry? Russ and Luke discuss the possibility of this claim.

2020 Presidential Candidates

Since Stands with a Beer announced her candidacy, two others have joined the ranks announcing their bid. Cory Booker will be running for the nomination for the Democrat party, and Howard Schultz has all but declared his candidacy as an independent. Russ and Luke discuss each of their platforms accordingly before moving on.

Governor Ralph Northam

Finally, the HSP boys close out Segment 2 with a brief discussion of Governor Northam’s most recent gaff. As it turns out, not only does he believe it should be legal to literally murder a live-born child, but he’s also racist. We don’t know which one of those two is worse to the left, but we them both morally reprehensible.

Grab Bag Special

Closing out the show this week is Grab Bag Special, one of our favorite segments here at HSP. This week we Grab Bag an interview/debate between Hasan Piker of The Young Turks (whom we affectionately refer to as The Young Cucks), and an evangelical, African-American conservative, Jesse Lee Peterson. This week was perhaps one of the better Grab Bags we’ve done–so enjoy.

Topics covered in order:

  • BOTS
  • Syria
  • Coup
  • Spygate
  • Antifa
  • Updates
  • Corrections
  • Obama funded media?
  • Presidential candidates
  • Governor Ralph Northam
  • Feedback
  • Grab Bag Special

Listen here:


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