Green New Deal, Virginia Government, State of the Union, and More – Hardly Strictly Politics – 26

HSP returns with Episode 26 . We’re particularly triggered in this episode, given the scope and implications of the Green New Deal. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Virginia Governor Northam

We get things underway be addressing the recent scandal in Virginia. For those not in the loop, Governor has recently found himself in a string of scandals and controversies, from late-term abortion to racist photographs emerging from his college years. We discuss fissures in the left, and Trump’s response.

Green New Deal

Afterward, we jump straight into the Green New Deal. Last week, AOC’s office release the official Green New Deal proposition. We take you through every point, and explain the true nature of it all. Indeed, we close out segment 1 with a comprehensive explanation and take down of the GND. After returning to segment 2, we continue with a more free-flow discussion of the proposal.

State of the Union

Last week, Trump delivered the State of the Union. Generally regarded as a success, the SOTU polled well and brought Trump’s approval rating above 50%. We discuss things Trump talked about, and give our take.

Grab Bag Special

After discussing updates, corrections, and feedback, we close out segment 3 with a Grab Bag Special. We searched high and low for a better GBS, but to no avail. This week’s Grab Special with AOC’s announcement of the Green New Deal.

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