ZGM Lifestyle Challenge — Week 1

Dear Listener stands atop a mountain after completing the ZGM LifeStyle Challenge


At the request of at least 1 partipant, we have postponed the start of the challenge one week. Therefore, the challenge will begin on Wedneseday, March 27th.

In Hardly Strictly Politics 31 we issued a lifestyle challenge at the request of Dear Listener.

Here at ZGM, we are Capitalists. You should be too. Why? Because being a Capitalist means capitalizing on your time here on earth. It means living the good life. It means achieving and maintaining happiness in whatever capacity suits you so long as it’s not at the expense of others.

Though “capitalism” is a word usually used in reference to a political system which leaves you free to achieve the aforementioned–the onus is still upon you to actually achieve and maintain it. The onus is on you to capitalize–and live the Capitalist life.

Hence, the ZGM Lifestyle Challenge. (Perhaps we should call it Capitalist Lifestyle Challenge. Leave your thoughts in your comment below).

What is the ZGM Lifestyle Challenge?

The ZGM Lifestyle Challenge is an 8 week commitment to yourself. More accurately, it’s an 8 week commitment to your happiness. It can comprise any number of personal growth initiatives you can decide upon, whether physical, financial, or mental.

The commitment is an exercise in habit formation, and to afford you the opportunity to learn from others, help others, and otherwise kickstart life-serving habits which your happiness requires, but you haven’t yet started.

How do I participate?

Each Wednesday a new post will be written similar to this. The comments section will serve as a repository for your progress.

This post is the first post, and therefore to sign up, simply comment below and come back each week and offer an update in the weekly follow-up posts. This week, set yourself a standard in the comment. In other words, state your goals. As mentioned, determine what areas of your life you’d most like to improve, and use this challenge to do so.

What should my goals be?

Examples could be a focus on improving time management, starting a fitness regimen, cutting out a bad habit, intellectual growth, or nutrition.

Each week thereafter, comment as to whether you achieved your goals and if not, why. The purpose of stating why is so that perhaps others can offer suggestions and help.

Feel free to ask questions, whether it’s about nutrition, personal finance, or physical fitness. There are others partaking in this challenge who are very knowledgeable people and can help if needed.

Welcome to the ZGM, Capitalist lifestyle.

Let’s do this.


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