Mueller, GND, and more — Hardly Strictly Politics – 33

The HSP boys return this week with a casual episode. After 24 straight weeks of recording, we decide to take a week off and throw down an impromptu episode with no prep.

Let us know if you enjoy this alternative format.

Le Hourde

First, we cover the newest iteration of Le Hourde. As a new caravan forms, Trump announced he would cut funding for El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Afterward, we move into the Mueller Report. As predicted they found nothing. Unsurprisingly, the left has now shifted there focus onto something else, which happens to be healthcare.

Green New Deal

The second major topic we discuss is the Green New Deal. This, also unsurprisingly, failed in spectacular fashion with a 57-0 defeat. Of course AOC was butthurt about this and gave a performance for the ages.

Micheal Avenatti

There’s new competition in town. No longer can Anthony Weiner claim to be to biggest scumbag in American politics.


Well, it doesn’t take long to get cucked. Biden has yet to announce his candidacy and is already getting #metoo-ed by his own party. Rest assure, Dear Listener, this is going to be an amazing Democrat primary.

CA Wildfires

We’ve been saying this since last fall. The California wildfires are a product of environmentalist regulations–full stop. There is no other argument. If you don’t believe us, you can do one of two things:

1) Read
2) Listen to Random Walk, episode 1.

Lifestyle Challenge

Finally, we close out the show with a discussion of the ZGM Lifestyle Challenge.

Join us!

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