Spygate, Bill Barr, Trump and More — Hardly Strictly Politics – 38

The HSP boys return with episode number 38. This weeks brings you a varied array of topics in today’s news. Last week we covered the Bill Barr hearing, and we start out this episode doing the same.

We begin this episode with a comprehensive discussion of everything Bill Barr, Trump, and Spygate. Due to the volume of content to cover, we allocate all of segment 1 to these topics.

Afterward, we move on to a move currently being made by Pence and Trump. Currently, Trump and Pence are proposing a halt to judicial injunctions stand in the way of executive power.

Later in segment 2 we hit a slew of topics related to what the left is up to. Included in these topics are bills being proposed by the left, Cory Booker, Bill Maher, Alyssa Milano, and AOC.

Finally, in segment 3 we cover the lifestyle challenge and Grab Bag special.

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