Declassification, Trump, and More — Hardly Strictly Politics – 39

The HSP boys return this week with episode 39 of Hardly Strictly Politics. After months of covering declassification of the Russia investigation, starting in Episode 1 and going all the way to Episode 38, we’re happy that something is materializing.

First, we cover the most important topic of the week: the declassification of the Russia investigation. As mentioned above, this is when the show gets under way. Various governmental departments received the memo on Thursday.

Afterward, we move on Trump’s own interpretation of the #WalkAway movement. Trump informed Palosi and Schumer in a meeting this week that he’d no longer be discussing legislation so long as the Russia investigation continues.

Closing out segment two we discuss an absurd “training” document for teachers in New York. The purpose of the document is to assist “teachers” in identifying instances of “white supremacy”. In reality, this is simply a racist manifestation of Kantian philosophy. Luke and Russ discuss at length.

Finally, segment 3 brings to you a slew of topics. These include the left’s upcoming war on travel, May’s resignation, and Sanders’ proposal to tax stock trades. As well, we hit Grab Bag Special. One subject which we did not cover is the ZGM Lifestyle Challenge. It concluded this past week. If you would like to participate, we are starting another in the second week of June.

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