HSP–42 – Hong Kong, California, Dem scandals, and Bernie

Pro-democracy demonstrators gather for the third night in Hong Kong on September 30, 2014 (AFP Photo / Philippe Lopez) © AFP

Welcome back to Hardly Strictly Politics. Picking up from last week, Luke and Russ kick off year number 2 after a brief introduction. Perhaps of the most import topics this week, we hit the Hong Kong protests.

First, we start off episode 42 with coverage of Spygate. However, this actually includes many topics. These topics are the Mueller investigation, John Dean, and Hillary and Biden connections to Russia and Ukraine.

After an audio break, we move onto Bernie Sanders’ latest commentary. As well, Russ has poses to Luke some questions about the current state of California.

After corrections, updates, and feedback, we cover the Hong Kong protests.

Finally, we hit Grab Bag Special.

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