Merry Christmas from Zero Gravity Media!

 Dear Listener,

This is Luke.

I’d like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself, Russ, and everyone involved with Zero Gravity Media to wish you a Merry Christmas. As well, we have some “thank-you’s” and will also provide some updates abound what we’ve been up to for the last year and a half and our future plans.

First, thank you to everyone who joined Russ and I for the Christmas show. These individuals include Ross, Kyle, Shana, Dave In Texas (spoiler alert, he’s also my Dad), Dan, and Father John. It can feel uncomfortable to put your ideas out there so publicly, especially in today’s political climate. We don’t take it lightly that you chose to come on the show, and we’d just like to say thank you. The combined knowledge of everyone who was on that show was truly staggering, and I felt a profound sense of happiness to be among such a peer group.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to HSP#62–Merry Christmas, 2019, you can do so here.

Second, we’d like to thank you, our listeners. Concern for the future of our country, our culture, and the world at large is what stoked the fire in the beginning, and as time goes on, it’s the people who listen to us and give us feedback, critical or otherwise, which keeps the fire burning. We can’t thank you enough for listening to our content, and each week we try to do our best to put out the best show we can for you. So, from all of us here at ZGM, thank you Dear Listener!

The past year and a half have been an exciting adventure for ZGM, as Russ and I have been quietly toiling away at learning how to make a show, which has included a lot of trial and error with respect to content and format. For example, you may remember shows in which we covered dozens of topics over the course of 4+ hours. They were a slog, but we also earned our stripes on those shows. We’ve also tried numerous format changes ranging from bits which we later abandoned, such as the updates section, to spinning BOTS off into Russ’s show, “BOTS, Thoughts, and Drops“.

During this time we also learned how to produce and distribute a show. We learned many things, such as EQ, noise gating, noise reduction, compression, and mixing. Still further, we built a website and figured out how to distribute the show. It’s been a lot of work—but it’s work we love.

Moving forward, 2020 will be all about growth and marketing. We’ll get a payment gateway set up so that you can support shows on our network financially if you so choose. It has proven itself to be a difficult task, but we hope to have this set up in the coming weeks.

As well, we’re happy to announce a new show on the network, hosted by brothers Kyle and Russ Schumann. Named “SchuBro’s Unfiltered”, the format is two brothers bantering over minor differences in sports and politics. I’ve listened to all three and have learned a lot of college football recruiting and had many a laugh. They’re on episode 3 already, which you can listen to here. Keep an eye out for the SchuBro’s!

Finally, though we don’t yet have a way for you to support us financially, that’s doesn’t mean you can’t support us in other ways, such as helping us grow. If you’d like to support the ZGM and all that we do here, there are 4 concrete actions you can take:

1) Forward this post to any friends and family you think would enjoy our content. They can subscribe using the widget on the right-hand side of the page.

2) Clicking this link will subscribe you to the ZGM Youtube channel. In addition to having access to all our content there, you’ll also help us get to 100 subscribers, which is when Super Chat will become available. 

3) Subscribe to us on iTunes and if you’re feeling extra charitable, leave a review:

4) Like our page on Facebook page and Twitter profile: 

Thank you in advance for helping us grow.

Again, thank you from all of us here at ZGM, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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