#BoycottFoxNews–BOTS, Thoughts, Drops – 03

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Mueller, GND, and more — Hardly Strictly Politics – 33

The HSP boys return this week with a casual episode. After 24 straight weeks of recording, we decide to take a week off and throw down an impromptu episode with no prep. Let us know if you enjoy this alternative format. Le Hourde First, we cover the newest iteration of Le Hourde. As a new [...]

Border Bill, Green New Death, and More – Hardly Strictly Politics – 27

Senator Amy Klobuchar waves to the crowd with her husband John Bessler and daughter Abigail Bessler after announcing her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination in Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 10, 2019.https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/11/democratic-sen-amy-klobuchar-will-reject-corporate-pac-money-in-2020-bid--.html The HSP boys are back with Episode 27. In this episode, we cover a range of political topics. Most notably, we discuss the [...]