Random Walk–03 – Bonus Material

From Politico, "Government Shutdown 2018" Just because of the government is shutdown, that doesn't mean we are here at Zero Gravity Media. Episode 03 of Random Walk brings us some bonus material originally created as a back up option for Hardly Strictly Politics. Rather than can the material, we decided to post this under Zero … Continue reading Random Walk–03 – Bonus Material

Random Walk–01 – Social Media de-platforming, California Wildfires

We're happy to announce a new show in the line up: Random Walk. Recorded on 8/18/18, Robert and Luke discuss the philosophical underpinnings of the removal of Infowars from social media, and the history and philosophy of behind the California Wildfires. alexjonescarrfirecaliforniaphilosophypoliticsenvironmentsocialmediainfowars