HSP#65–We Fax Machine Now

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay On episode 65 of Hardly Strictly Politics, Russ and Luke discuss the hostility on behalf on the Iranian regime, as well as a slew of other topics ranging from the Covington kids lawsuit with CNN to common sense immigration.

HSP#62–Merry Christmas, 2019

The HSP Boys host a come-and-go Christmas Party, and celebrate Christmas with every Dear Listener, everywhere, all around the world. Merry Christmas! Guests include: DaveInTX, Shana, the SchuBros, Dan, and Father John. Topics include everything.

HSP#61–Eve of Impeachment

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HSP#59: “Say When”

HSP episode 59 is dropped. Russ and I have been plagued with technical issues the last few weeks, causing us to re-record 59 entirely and miss a week, and then this week some sync issues caused drift in the audio, which required a lot of editing in post-production. Whatever the case, we think this is [...]